Picker Service

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Oil Tank Installations

Oil tanks can range in size from 100 barrels to 1,500 barrels. We have picker trucks with lift capacities ranging from 30 to 45 tons. Our crews are highly trained and safety certified and have the ability to move tanks to new drilling locations or remove them from decommissioned locations.

Consider us your go-to for any oil tank transportation and installations. Our services are available 24/7, every day of the year. 

Grain Bins

Grain bins are a very common sight all around southeastern Saskatchewan. In order to transport, they require the right equipment. We provide all the necessary services and equipment for safe grain bin transportation. Pilot vehicles, efficient routing and powerline considerations are all part of the service.

Call us today to discuss your bin transportation requirements or for a quote.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment isn’t the easiest to transport. But we can make it easy for you. If you have a grader, excavator or scraper, farming equipment etc that needs to be onsite, we can do your hauling.

We haul all types of equipment, safely and on time.

Buildings and Construction

Picker trucks are one of the most widely used crane trucks in the industry, with the ability to transport small buildings or properties such as workshops, sheds or assorted out-buildings. We can lift it in one piece and place it onto a flatbed trailer. 

We also deliver construction needs such as rebar or trusses. Our picker trucks handle these types of goods with ease. Call us for construction assistance.